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Scaling Sustainable Food Systems Transformation

As a purpose-led, B Corp-accredited consultancy, we can help you build a ‘green’ competitive advantage by transforming your business from within Strategy Sprint with us to kick start your sustainability journey

Are you ready to transform your food supply and stay ahead of the curve? With over 20 years of expertise in the foodservice and retail industry, our team of global consultants boasts a diverse range of industry-specific experience. From strategy workshopping and facilitation to course development, we’ve got you covered. From global restaurant groups to schools, banks, and retailers, our clients trust us to guide them on their sustainability journey. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from launching that new food product or service. Let us help you kickstart your sustainability journey with a Strategy Sprint.


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We are always looking for fresh talents to join our team.

We regularly offer internship opportunities for those who want to kickstart their career in a dynamic and innovative space.

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Not sure? See what our previous recruits had to say about us:

“Being able to see the end result of my work in-person at RBHK felt rewarding and accomplishing. The Future Green Team are easy to reach to provide an inclusive environment”

Abigail Chu, Intern with Future Green in autumn 2023

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Differentiate your business by integrating sustainability at every level

Bring sustainability initiatives to life by drawing on a wide range of strategy frameworks and tools, through stakeholder engagement, auditing and communication services as well as our globally-certified training programs. Partner with us to embrace sustainability best practices and let’s create a more sustainable food system for all.

Who you are

Typically our services benefit the following people in Hospitality, FMCG, Retail, Manufacturer

Is this you?
  • Culinary Director-Future-proof your restaurants
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer-Inter-operability, transparency, efficiencies
  • GM-Future proof your restaurant or hotel, informed procurement, train new hires
  • Chief Executive Officer-Future-proof company, inform regulation, secure legacy
  • Chief People Officer-Mission based hire and retention advantage
  • Chief Sustainability Officer-Unite corporate silos behind goals
  • Chief Marketing Officer-Secure brand value, win market share and customer loyalty
  • Chief Financial Officer-Attract ESG finance

Our core values


The sustainability sector is rapidly evolving. We stay up to date with the latest industry trends, ideas and technologies.


Talk is cheap and greenwashing will ultimately backfire and harm your brand. We are committed to genuine, ethical and authentic sustainability solutions that deliver measurable results.


We love what we do and that passion drives us to work harder and aim higher.


Our systematic approach begins with a full sustainability audit, then a path forward based on international best practices and our own proven methodologies.