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About Sodexo

Sodexo, one of the world’s largest global catering companies, has had a significant presence in Hong Kong since 1995 and is working towards their sustainability plan guided by their global and regional experts. I had the privilege of speaking with Laurent Houdremont, Head of Food Solution Innovation & Marketing Lead at Sodexo Hong Kong, to delve into their sustainability efforts and upcoming plans.

Sustainability Initiatives

With their slogan “it all starts with every day”, Sodexo serves over 100 million consumers daily worldwide across diverse industries, providing the opportunity to lead the way and usher in a sustainable transformation in communities and operations. Their commitment to sustainability is evident with their focus on food diversity and carbon footprint reduction associated with food production.

Sodexo's sustainable local initiatives in Hong Kong

Local Sourcing and Carbon Footprint Reduction

As of 2024, Laurent tells me that Sodexo has successfully transitioned to 100% cage-free eggs across its educational and corporate sectors, intending to further include other sectors down the line. The eggs are now sourced from closer to Hong Kong at a small farm in Sichuan, China. Discussing customer’s willingness to pay more for sustainable products, Laurent tells me the company absorbs the additional costs of cage-free eggs without passing them on to customers, showcasing their dedication to sustainable practices. 

Resolving the huge challenges that come with importing food, Sodexo is reducing its carbon footprint by sourcing locally: in 2024, they have introduced local honey from a Hong Kong farm to much positive community feedback, and are partnering with other farmers where they are sourcing directly to procure exclusively organic fruits and vegetables to be used at premium sites. Additionally, their ‘made in Hong Kong’ carbonated drinks and teas in partnership with a local vendor is set to launch in March, and aims to replace milk imported from overseas. Sodexo is now buying milk produced in Hong Kong’s dairy farms! Excited for ‘made in Hong Kong’ products!

Customer Engagement and Education

Laurent emphasises how crucial customer engagement and awareness is, highlighting there is not a “one solution fits all” for a diverse clientele like theirs. For instance, in the education sector, Sodexo promotes its sustainability initiatives with data and statistics, like the food’s carbon footprint reduction, via information screens in dining spaces and newsletters. 

Menu Innovation and Adaptation

Proudly discussing the successful launch of low-carbon dishes which exceeded expectations, Laurent emphasised the importance of conveying the product’s sustainability message. Despite initial price concerns, their customers’ growing interest encourages Sodexo to actively enhance the taste and reduce price imbalances between meat and plant-based options. 

Despite Hong Kong’s traditionally meat-dominated dishes, their customers are gradually shifting towards a flexitarian approach. Indicating a growing interest in healthier food choices, especially from production to delivery and not just packaging! In response, Sodexo is gradually incorporating more whole plant food ingredients for example from the Future 50 Foods into its menus to promote diverse ingredients and plant-based diets, and adapting by developing cleaner, plant-based alternatives to the over processed products.  

Collaboration and Membership in Sustainability Initiatives

With clients becoming stringent in their sustainable procurement standards, Laurent is confident that Sodexo’s rigid supply chain regulations, strict sustainable sourcing criteria, and rigorous audits of vendors enable compliance with sustainable practices. 

Since 2010 the Sodexo Group has been a member of the WWF, working closely with them to follow sustainable sourcing practices. For instance, Sodexo’s product range excludes palm oil, (but members of RSPO) and before finalising any vendor agreements, ensures adherence to specific standards, including sustainable fishing practices to prioritise welfare practices. Globally Sodexo is part of numerous organisations inc International food waste coalition, and CDP to help them on their sustainability journey.

Sodexo offices catering company

Sodexo’s initiatives extend to food waste management through innovative solutions like food digesters that transform waste into useful byproducts such as liquid or highly fertile soil fertiliser. By repurposing trimmings and unused food into new dishes like vegetable chips, and transitioning to a plastic-free environment, the company further minimises waste. Moreover, in their kitchens, the company is switching to energy-efficient equipment like hot plates and is reducing water consumption. For cases where Sodexo may not have a say, they guide clients toward sustainable practices with tailored recommendations.


In summary we are excited to learn how these five new initiatives launched in 2024 go!

  • Farm by product honey pollination for biodiversity
  • Custom made drinks sparkling teas
  • Milk from local farmers
  • Future 50 Foods for biodiversity
  • Local and cage free eggs 

Laurent, a Member of Future Green for a year now, told us since being a member he has gained valuable insights into Hong Kong’s unique sustainability landscape. He appreciates the education opportunities provided in interactive sessions, like Monthly Meetups and fortnightly newsletters, community engagement, and exposure to local players. ‘Future Green events really helped us shape our direction’ says Laurent. ‘As a company we have big directions and plans, but we are realistic’.

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