Customer Engagement

Future Green Consulting Limited is a Sustainability Consultancy with a focus on food that supports the F&B and retail sector in anticipating and taking action on future challenges.

All food businesses can create positive change to support a sustainable food system and we are dedicated to making every meal purchased or served out of home as sustainable as possible. Our membership programme is one of the ways we continue to support the long-term needs of our clients. Clients and Members are supported and inspired end to end in their sustainability journey from knowing where to start, implementing change, and communicating greenwash-free. Strategy, facilitation, training and policy writing serve as our core service areas, encouraging businesses to take a strategic approach to designing their food vision. A series of services including strategy workshops, monthly meet ups and assessments will help put businesses on a greener path. We will help businesses to navigate their sustainability journey so they can deliver positive impact, be less polluting and more restorative.

Our Mission is to help foodservice businesses to operate more sustainably.

Our Vision is that by doing so at scale, we can create a sustainable food system.

In enabling this vision we aim to make a net positive contribution to our communities, people and environment.

We know that the most sustainable places are founded through engaging with and responding to the needs of those who use them – our customers. We recognise that customers are at the centre of the support that Future Green provides. Our work is largely focused around our three pillars:

  1. Membership – Our programme enables all types of foodservice businesses to baseline their sustainability practices and work on improvements with the support of resources and the wider community
  2. Consultancy – Our bespoke consultancy services support clients to deliver on their sustainability ambitions with programmes addressing one or more areas of our framework
  3. Campaigns – We shout about the best in tasty, sustainable food – why it matters, what the industry should do and where diners can get the best dishes

We choose to work actively with our customers, fostering productive, harmonious long term relationships. We aim to understand, anticipate and respond to their needs and concerns as we know this is essential to delivering enriching customer experiences.

In everything we do, we strive to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, to provide a distinctive customer experience, and to become a valued partner of our customers – now and into the future. We are dedicated to ensuring a consistent level of service via our memberships.

This positive association allows our customers to not only expect a reliable experience from our site, but to depend on Future Green across all of our channels. At the same time, we seek to offer distinctly local, exceptional customer experiences. Finally, we aim to develop and support dynamic partnerships with our customers, listening to them, collaborating with them to serve their needs and aspirations and delivering on our promises to them.

We believe that this approach will help us attract and retain customers and increase the number of visitors to our sites.


General Policy

Future Green is committed to delivering a consistent standard of service and amenity as well as a high level of customer engagement that enables us to best serve our customers’ needs and concerns.

Customer engagement can range from an informal chat with a customer to more formal research panels, to attending customer gatherings and events. However the engagement happens we will always do these two things:

  1. Make it inclusive: Understand how each customer prefers to communicate and make sure that each customer is able to participate using their preferred communication method.
  2. Provide feedback: Give relevant feedback to customers.

We strive to:

  • Be attentive to our individual customers and responsive to their needs and concerns
  • Measure levels of engagement and satisfaction to ensure that we are meeting our customers needs and responding to their concerns

Future Green is committed to offering a distinctive customer experience designed to reflect and respond to local and non local customers’ needs and concerns.

We strive to:

  • Proactively develop and implement strategic responses to customer needs and concerns
  • Develop and maintain active customer feedback that encourage listening to our customers as well as sharing knowledge and insights

Future Green is committed to developing meaningful partnerships with our customers by collaborating with them in ways that create opportunities.