About us

Pioneering Sustainable Food Systems

Expertise, Passion, and a Commitment to a Greener Future

At Future Green, we are committed to transforming food systems for a sustainable future. Our journey began with the urgent need for sustainable food practices. Experiencing the environmental and social impacts of unsustainable methods firsthand, we dedicated ourselves to making a tangible difference. Our global team of consultants have gained expertise in the foodservice industry, uniquely positioning us to guide your sustainability journey.

Our founder and CEO, Heidi Yu Spurrell, driven by a personal commitment to sustainable practices, recognised critical gaps in the food system. She started this business to help others achieve genuine sustainability.

Heidi’s POV

 After 15 years as a trailing spouse, moving globally for my husband’s work and raising our three kids on different continents, I decided to start my own business.

During a routine grocery shopping trip, I learnt about the detrimental impacts of the food industry. I discovered the routine use of antibiotics in animal farming, high fructose corn syrup masquerading as sugar, and hormones in milk. This led me to pursue a Master’s in Food Policy.

My passion for food sustainability grew from my commitment to feeding my family the healthiest, most sustainable food. This passion led me to found Future Green Global, a B Corp and leading food sustainability consultancy in Asia. Turning these challenges into opportunities was the best decision of my life.


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Our Principles

Our principles are the cornerstone of our work and guide every project we undertake. Here’s what we stand for:


Staying ahead by embracing the latest industry trends and technologies.


Delivering authentic sustainability solutions with measurable results, avoiding greenwashing.


 Driven by a love for what we do, we work harder and aim higher.


 Employing a systematic approach with comprehensive audits and international best practices.

Highlights from our workshops

The sailboat exercise! It’s good to hear different ideas and solutions. At the same time, it’s good to realise others have the same concern for the environment as me.” – Link REIT

“Inspired us on how to set up sustainability goals and action plan” – AIRSIDE, Nan Fung 

It does take collaborative effort to be able to drive Sustainability” – Swire

“The design thinking session was fascinating to look back on (as a designer by education!)” – DFI Retail Group

Empower Your Business with Tailored, Innovative Sustainability Solutions

We promise to help companies embrace and exceed sustainability standards through tailored, innovative, and evidence-based solutions. By partnering with us, you can expect:

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: We start with a thorough assessment of your current practices to identify key areas for improvement.
  2. Tailored Strategies: Using behavioural science, systems thinking, and design principles, we develop customised interventions that suit your specific needs.
  3. Implementation Support: We guide you through the implementation process, ensuring that sustainability is seamlessly integrated into your operations.
  4. Stakeholder Engagement: We engage with all stakeholders to foster a culture of sustainability within your organisation.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Our training programs ensure that your business continues to evolve and adapt to new sustainability challenges and opportunities.

Holistic Integration

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of your business operations, ensuring long-term impact.

Global Standards Alignment

 By aligning with the Omni framework, we ensure your practices meet globally agreed-upon sustainability metrics.

Innovative Solutions

Our evidence-based approach, combined with the latest in behavioural science and systems thinking, guarantees effective and innovative solutions.

Ethical and Authentic Approach

 Our commitment to genuine and ethical practices sets us apart, ensuring that your sustainability journey is both credible and impactful.

 “It’s my second workshop with Future Green and one may think there might be a bit of repetition – but no, the team constantly refresh their content, keep things up to date and interesting with new activities. Engaging, informative and insightful as always.” – Samantha Chung

B Lab HK & Macau (Growth and Activation Lead)

Meet the Team: Building Trust Through Expertise

Future Green is more than a consultancy; we are a community of passionate professionals dedicated to positive impact. Our team’s diverse experience ensures well-rounded, informed guidance. As a global network of food systems sustainability experts, we continuously evolve to meet the changing needs of sustainability.



 Our CEO has over 15 years in the foodservice and retail industry.


 We inspire and empower a network of 50+ members monthly to create positive change in the food system. Our community platform SKOOL allows for ongoing conversations with like-minded professionals.


 Helping businesses transition to genuinely sustainable models that are both profitable and restorative with over 5000 training and capacity-building hours. Read more about it here.


65+ professionals trained by us in Carbon Literacy and Food Sustainability Foundations (CPD certified).

100+ Train the Trainer students on Bar World of Tomorrow.

1000+ bartenders trained on the Bar Word of Tomorrow by Pernod Ricard in 12 countries.

1000+ Problem solving workshopping hours.