A carbon-reducing life begins with responsible dining choices, and even the old-fashioned ones have a part in it!

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MARCH 2023

Track your carbs: Future Green debuts experimental Carbon Labelling Programme for sustainable dining

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Carbon Labeling Pilot Scheme: You Can Eat Environmentally Friendly Food

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With Future Green’s new Carbon Labelling Programme, Hong Kong restaurant guests can make informed choices about dining sustainably.

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This month, Future Green and Henderson Land Development Group launched the industry’s Carbon Labeling Pilot Scheme to help improve the sustainable development of the local catering industry

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In order to practice a sustainable living style, in addition to not wasting food, choosing meals using the “carbon footprint” dietary principles can also contribute to the planet.

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Leading Hong Kong developer Henderson Land Group and local sustainable food consultancy Future Green introduce a new Carbon Labelling Menu Programme to the city, launching in six F&B concepts in March 2023.

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【地區‧人‧情】恒基與Food Made Good HK推出餐單「碳標籤先導計劃」 匯聚中、西、日低碳餐飲體驗

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6 major restaurants promote low-carbon dishes, and the menus are even equipped with carbon label icons to help you choose more environmentally friendly food!

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