Sustainability Policy
Writing & Advisory

Turn Ideas into Actions by having a clear policy

Do you need a sustainable food policy so you can make clear what you stand for and how you want to procure ingredients? We can provide an evidence based policy that supports best practice and the latest science.

What to Expect?

  • Kick off workshop to identify priorities
  • Present best practice improvement statements
  • Share industry case studies
  • Write concisely in your brand tone of voice
  • Present shareable documents

Policies can be ingredient specific such as seafood and meat, or overarching on how you procure.

Example project outputs

  • Procurement policy documents
  • RFP tender process questions list
  • Caterer assessments
  • Rubrics for scoring sustainability factors

Policies enable you to communicate clearly with your caterers and suppliers

Be clear on what issues your brand cares about and is taking action on in the food sustainability space so your stakeholders know you where you stand and how you are progressing.

You might be in the process of switching up your caterer and want to find one that is aligned to your sustainability strategy – we can help! From mini assessments to rubrics we will provide you with all necessary documents for testing the market opportunities to find your most sustainable caterer options.

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Ready to make your business greener, less polluting and more restorative? Say what you mean, mean what you say and commit through written policies