CPD-certified one-day course

Plastics & Packaging
Training and Action Workshop

Turn Ideas into Actions

Learning Objectives

  • The sustainability issues
  • The current models of plastic management
  • Adapting to the challenges that plastic pollution poses

What to expect


  • Sustainability in context
  • Retail / foodservice trends
  • New plastics management models
  • The role of supermarkets/ food outlets
  • Packaging and case studies
  • Future vision of plastics in retail
    • Tools: Three horizons
    • Plan: How do we get there?

Futures tools

Futures Tools like the Three Horizons  enable  us to imagine a future we want to live in. The Three Horizons Framework by Bill Sharpe is a tool for thinking about transformation and how to bring it about. It doesn’t give answers, but can bring new insights.

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