Struggling to design your
Food Sustainability Strategy?

We can help you serve up a Sustainable Food Future

Sustainable Solutions For Foodservice

Don’t have the language to talk about sustainability on your website?

Not sure if it’s greewash-free?

Is cage free better than barn eggs?

What is the gold standard for sustainable seafood?

How do I recognise high animal welfare standards?

What questions should I ask my supplier to know if the dry goods we buy are fairly traded, without slave labour?

How do I know if our ingredients are linked to deforestation?

You will learn about Our Framework which is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals!

Who’s this course for?

Ideal industries:
  • Hospitality/ Catering
  • Food Retailers
  • Food Manufacturers
Ideal roles in these industries:
  • Technical Teams
  • Chefs
  • Corporate / Marketing Teams
  • Restaurant Managers/Directors
  • ESG/ Sustainability Leads
  • Food Industry Supplier Brand Managers
  • Front of House
  • Back of House

The Food Sustainability Sprint Method

PHASE 1: This CPD – certified course covers the first phase of the journey. We recognise the importance of a holistic approach to sustainability and that begins with a solid foundation of Fundamentals.You will begin on a broad journey to ensure all relevant areas are covered. Phase 2 and 3 are optional.

PHASE 2: Before designing your intervention you will dive deep into identified material issues.

PHASE 3: Finally, you will design your Food Vision with clear purpose, goals, ambition, strategy and actions.


Partner with Future Green

We are Asia’s Go-To food sustainability consultancy. Future Green draws on unrivalled credibility and experience that is relevant to any business that deals with food to support you on your sustainability journey.



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