A Fun and Educational Journey Towards Food Sustainability: Unveiling Link REIT’s Sustainability Lab

Admin | 25th April 2023 | 4min read

A Fun and Educational Journey Towards Food Sustainability: Unveiling Link REIT’s Sustainability Lab


Last Saturday, Link REIT, one of Hong Kong’s largest real estate developers and landlords, opened their Sustainability Lab: a 6,800 square-feet educational pop-up gallery located in Lok Fu Place, one of their flagship malls where more than 60% of the tenants are engaged in F&B.

The Lab exhibits its first iteration of their ESG pop-up gallery with a focus on food sustainability with interactive games and experiential learning, the fruit of a collaborative effort between different business sectors, NGOs and governmental institutions, and, of course, Future Green for data research!

We partnered with Link REIT back in October 2022 to help them design two of the interactive games where we provided subject matter expertise on a wide range of  food production related processes including carbon footprint, water stress, biodiversity, deforestation, organic and locally-grown food, food extinction, food waste recycling as well as myths about food technology through weeks of in-depth research and data processing. Through this collaborative effort, the Future Green Team ensured that all data around food sustainability in the gallery was accurate and easy to understand for the general public. And it’s also a lot of fun! Kids and adults alike can learn about the food production stages and carbon emissions by dragging different ingredients in a virtual shopping basket before choosing among two options what foods are the most sustainable while running on a virtual treadmill.

Exhibits on food extinction and an interactive game on food production processes and carbon footprint designed in collaboration with LINK Reit. 

The Lab aims to educate the Hong Kong public on the impact of the food industry on our planet and on our health and is set to inspire visitors, and especially the younger generation, to adopt eco-friendly practices and make more informed decisions in their everyday lives. As mentioned by Nicholas Allen, Chairman of LINK Reit, during the opening ceremony, sustainability needs individual behavior changes, and, by bringing more people to the Lab including schools and families alike, its impact will only magnify.

At the opening ceremony, all stakeholders involved in the completion of the Lab were reunited from familiar faces like Maxim’s, Urban Spring, Table by Sandy Keung and Vegetable Marketing Organization to a wide variety of NGOs, businesses and governmental bodies. Dr Samuel Chui, Director of Environmental Protection for the Hong Kong Government, reminded us of the urgency of climate change. Indeed, last July was the hottest July ever recorded in Hong Kong with average temperatures soaring beyond 35℃ despite Hong Kong’s target to reduce its carbon emissions by half before 2035 and to be fully carbon neutral by 2050.

[From left to right] Anthony Leung, Chairman of Food Angel;Nicholas Allen, Chairman of LINK Reit; Dr Samuel Chui, Director of Environmental Protection for the Hong Kong Government; Greg Chubb, Chief Operating Officer of LINK Reit and Patrick Lai, Assistant Director of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of Hong Kong

It was also the opportunity for LINK Reit’s top management to reiterate their commitment to more sustainable operations and initiatives and to position themselves as leading in the field. LINK Reit’s Chief Operating Officer Greg Chubb reminded us that the Lab was entirely built with sustainability in mind: from sustainably sourced flooring materials, LED lighting and water dispensers; and that even beyond the Lab, their malls would soon include over 1000 EV chargers in their parking spaces. We were then treated to Breer’s latest pineapple bun scraps beer, also previous winners of the Food Made Good Awards and got to explore the exhibits.

It was great to see Future Green Team’s work come to life and we are thrilled that we helped make it accessible to all. Check out our feature on NowTV News below and hear from our CEO Heidi Yu Spurrell on how we brought this Sustainability Lab to life!


Thanks to the team at LINK Reit and Ka Yu Wong, Senior Manager for Corporate Brand and Events. We can’t wait to continue your sustainability journey together!


The LINK Sustainability Lab is now opened to the public. Check out more here!