Reflections from the Future Green Unconference 2.0: A Journey Towards Sustainable Food Systems

Heidi Spurrell | 4th June 2024 | 4min read

Hong Kong’s Food Sustainability Leaders

Hey, changemakers!

Imagine a world where every meal tells a story of sustainability. That’s the vision we chased at the Future Green Unconference, and the experience was nothing short of transformative. We gathered a tribe of passionate individuals, industry giants, and forward-thinkers to share, learn, and co-create a sustainable future for our food systems. Here’s a peek into what went down and why you should stay tuned for what’s next.

A Fusion of Minds and Ideas:

Right from the start, the room buzzed with energy and anticipation. We didn’t just meet; we collided in the best possible way. Ideas sparked, connections were made, and the collective passion was unmistakable. Our Unconference format was designed with three things in mind: inspire change, design an action plan ‘Food Vision’, and connect with solution providers.

We kicked things off with an interactive icebreaker


Heidi with event organisers Cristiane and co-moderator Lise

Inspiration from Industry Titans: 

Our speakers didn’t just talk; they ignited flames. “Interactions and the speakers were the highlight for me,” one participant exclaimed. With heavyweights from different industries like Albert Lee from EY, Hugo Asplund from DFI IKEA, Alex Clark from BIT, and Richard Ekkebus from Mandarin Oriental sharing their insights, we were not just informed; we were transformed. These sessions were more than talks; they were calls to action.

Hugo Asplund from DFI IKEA

Sustainable protein in 2024 panelists – Punam Chopra – SpiceBox Organics, Angie Chen – MyCarbon/Minerva Food, and Gigi Lau – Compass Group HK


The Power of Networking:

Networking wasn’t just a segment; it was the heartbeat of the event. “Great to meet different people in the space, connections and networking,” Ella from reflected. We saw business cards exchange hands, ideas cross-pollinate, and future collaborations take root. This was networking on steroids. 

Unconference 2.0 provided great networking opportunities

Speed Dating for networking!

Well deserved networking after a jam packed day!

Interactive and Insightful Workshops:

We didn’t want passive listeners; we wanted active participants. And you delivered. “The workshop was insightful and interactive,” noted one attendee. We rolled up our sleeves and dove into practical, hands-on sessions. The feedback was loud and clear – you want more, and we’re ready to deliver.

Changemakers working hard on their food vision

Roadmaps created by attendees at the workshops

Wildcard and Proud of Roadmap!


New Perspectives:

Systems thinking was a revelation. “Inspiration to think in new perspectives like systems thinking,” said Hazel from HKU. It wasn’t just about seeing the parts but understanding the whole. This approach opened our eyes to new strategies and holistic solutions.

Where would we be without Lorna and our rockstar table captains!

Christiane and Andy

Winning group!

Constructive Feedback for Growth:

We thrive on your feedback. Some of you mentioned, “Workshop time is a bit tight, perhaps can allow for longer sessions.” We hear you. Next time, we’re stretching those sessions to give you more room to explore, discuss, and innovate. “Lots of useful tidbits/experiences for consideration. Breadth of speakers and attendees has given lots of follow-ups,” shared another participant. We know a fine balance of content, fun and a memorable experience is imperative.

Rockstar photographer Frank 

Baptised by fire volunteers

The Future is Bright:  

The best part? Many of you would recommend Future Green to others. That’s not just a pat on the back; it’s a mandate to keep pushing forward. We’re planning bigger, deeper, and more impactful events. And we want you on this journey with us.

It was all worth it in the end 

Support team tech and Pho!


Stay Connected and Get Involved: 

This isn’t just a moment; it’s a movement. Follow us, join us, and let’s keep this momentum going. Subscribe to our newsletter, stay updated on upcoming events, and be part of the tribe that’s making a difference.

Winning team! 

Our rockstar volunteers

Join the Movement: 

Thank you to everyone who made the Future Green Unconference a resounding success. Your energy, passion, and feedback are the fuel that drives us. We’re just getting started, and we want you with us every step of the way.

This made it all worth it! 

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