Big News: Future Green joins Dream Impact

Admin | 22nd February 2024 | 4min read

We are excited to partner up with Dream Impact, Hong Kong’s largest network of social enterprises and impact ventures, to continue our mission to scale sustainability in the region and to connect with more purpose-driven businesses. Joining the ESG Innovation Lab is more than just a membership – it’s a commitment to drive positive change. With the Lab’s focus on being the bridge between the corporate world and the social sector, we are in good company.  

The Future Green team had the opportunity to meet and learn from industry professionals and experts, including fellow B Corps, at their new venue in Central earlier this month.

What a fantastic space! Here, everything from filtered water, fair-trade coffee, and chemical-free cleaning products is sustainable, not only demonstrating their commitment to sustainability but also highlighting smaller and more innovative brands in Hong Kong striving to become greener. 

Annabelle Ho from CarbonCare InnoLab’ advocacy group Climate Sense on the importance of youth engagement following COP28 with her amazing engagement tool – her music!

Climate action advocacy group CarbonCare InnoLab’s founder Mr Chong Chan Yau opened the forum by reminding us of the main outcomes of COP28 last year followed by Annabelle Ho from their advocacy group Climate Sense who gave us a deeper understanding of the implications of COP28 trends for Hong Kong corporates and social enterprises from a youth perspective. 

Annabelle shared more about the role of youth engagement and empowerment and explored how corporations can encourage and support youth advocacy. Her (positive and sometimes skeptical) stories at COP28 last year highlighted key issues such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, climate finance, technology transfer, and capacity-building in the context of climate change action.

Valentin and Cindy from Food Wisdom tasting vegan and plastic-free packaging from Lecka

The opportunity to network with industry professionals and exchange ideas was invaluable, and the Lunar New Year Sustainable Marketplace event provided a platform for meaningful discussions. We met with local, sustainable like-minded brands showcasing how they take action in their field of expertise from sustainable cleaning products, and plastic-free packaged cereal bars to natural medicine and regionally sourced tea and honey from small-scale farmers.

Some of our favourite brands included Lecka distributed by Food Wisdom – an organic and 100% plastic-free packaging energy bar that comes in a variety of Asian-inspired (and with locally sourced ingredients) flavours and Impact Box fully committed to supporting local farmers distributing organic coconut oil from Indonesia and organic honey from Myanmar among many others! 

As we continue to learn from experts and connect with like-minded brands, we are reminded of the power of community and the shared goal of sustainability. Let’s carry these learnings forward and integrate these practices into our work and daily lives for a lasting positive impact on our world.


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