Heidi Spurrell | 4th June 2020 | 4min read

This month, we welcome new Supplier Member Cookie Smiles to Food Made Good HK!

Amidst the COVID-19 upheaval Agnes Chin, Co-Founder of Complete Deelite, has partnered up with Jo Soo-Tang, Food Made Good Hong Kong Advisory Board Member and Strategic Advisor, to create Cookie Smiles, an online fundraising platform born with a mission to support the disadvantaged and to satisfy the world with the greatest comfort food ever – the cookie.

Why Cookie Smiles?

Cookie Smiles is a social enterprise under the Edible Artists Global Academy Association (EAGAA), which Agnes is the Founder and President of. Started five years ago, EAGAA is a platform that supports the community of culinary artisans, cake artists, home bakers and cooks to help them improve, re-train and network. They also develop and organize competitions and challenges for professionals and amateurs in the world of Edible Arts.


By purchasing cookies from Cookie Smiles, you can both source responsibly created cookies for your customers and, at the same time, support the community by helping the disadvantaged and physically impaired with training opportunities, which in turn will increase their chances of finding a job.  Your support directly funds Cookie Smiles’ three chosen charities every year. This year’s charities are Splash Foundation, Down Syndrome Association HK and Nesbitt Centre.

Where can you get Cookie Smiles?

Cookie Smiles cookies will be served with every coffee at Feather & Bone and you also have the opportunity to buy them as retail packs in their stores.

Director of Operations Mark Chan says,

Cookie Smiles is a great initiative that gives back to the community, something that we are passionate about at Feather & Bone. We are always looking at ways to get involved, support where we can, and through our partnership with Cookie Smiles, we help the people in society who need it most. And… they taste fantastic too!”


Jo Soo-Tang adds,

“Change the world with Cookie Smiles one bite at a time. We can all play our part in social responsibility, and with Cookie Smiles we make it easy for every business to get involved.”

You can also order any of their 6 flavours online. Each of their handcrafted cookie packs (250g) is HKD$100.00 and a minimum of 20 packs can be purchased for fundraisers, celebrations or office pantries!

Look out for their gluten-free and vegan cookies next month, in collaboration with Food Made Good Founder Member SpiceBox Organics.

Order your cookies today to show your support for Hong Kong’s disadvantaged!

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