Heidi Spurrell | 27th July 2021 | 4min read

The Food Made Good Team with Chef Sheldon (middle). Photo: The Mira Hotel.

By Andrea Tan

The Food Made Good Hong Kong team recently had the warm privilege of road-testing a culinary workshop, organised by the Mira Hotel Hong Kong, as part of their summer staycation programme, which runs from 16 July – 29 August this summer.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we were gifted with the kind hospitality of Chef Sheldon Fonseca and his team, who chaperoned us away on an afternoon filled with culinary adventures! In the spacious lounge on the 15th floor, we were also let into a glimpse of a staycation day at The Mira, where guests would be spoiled for choice with the numerous activities lined up for a day in the life of a staycation. This summer staycation, launched in light of travel restrictions, is uniquely designed to accommodate young families keen on an event-packed staycation, or anyone in for a fun-filled getaway. Perfect for those looking for a balance of relaxation and adventure, this would definitely be one to remember.


Photo: The Mira Hotel


In this specially curated culinary workshop, Sheldon took us on a whirlwind cooking tour of authentic homemade pasta, english jam, scones and homemade nutella. As part of the Summer World Tour: Mirathon 2021, the culinary workshop is one of the thematic workshops specially curated for guests at The Mira hotel.

Chef Sheldon guided us through an elaborate series of culinary activities, which included a pasta workshop and an English Jamming session. We were enlightened by the wide variety of authentic and fresh ingredients used by Sheldon to make the dishes from scratch. Such ingredients were the fresh raspberries and yuzu juice to make the raspberry yuzu jam and fresh hazelnuts for the homemade nutella. Chef Sheldon, who sits on our advisory board at Food Made Good Hong Kong, had also aptly integrated sustainable aspects of fine cooking into this workshop. For instance, no pasta dough was left to waste as we scraped every last bit to make all the gnocchis we could! Reusable glass containers and cage-free eggs were also used, to keep up the sustainability standards.


Photo: The Mira Hotel


Much of the afternoon was also spent putting our hands together to knead the scones and pasta together! Laughter and conversation were exchanged as we took turns kneading the various pasta doughs, and chopping the scones into squares to be baked. Chef Sheldon guided us in making an array of ricotta gnudi, gnocchi and tagliolini. Using a gnocchi board, we each had a go at moulding the gnocchis and gnudis, realizing what an intricate process this was!

Using fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, olive oil and parmesan cheese as main ingredients, we made an aromatic blend of handmade pesto, pairing heartily with the ricotta gnudi. Sheldon also whipped together a cherry tomato marmalade for the gnocchi, throwing in flavours such as basil, smoked paprika and thyme.

We were blown away by the simplicity and authenticity of Sheldon’s cooking, renewing our confidence that with fresh ingredients and traditional techniques, magic can be made in the kitchen!
We would like to thank the amazing team at The Mira Hong Kong, especially Chef Sheldon for the impeccable hospitality in hosting us at the culinary workshop. The Food Made Good team had so much fun and we are sure that you will too!

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