Heidi Spurrell | 17th August 2023 | 4min read

Born in the bustling city of Hong Kong, Cheese Club was the happy outcome of two French entrepreneur’s craving for quality European cheese. Founded in 2019, the company connects cheese-lovers to producers of exclusive, high-quality cheeses from France and beyond. Its monthly pre-order system not only keeps cheeses affordable but also minimizes food waste, supporting the company’s unwavering dedication to sustainability.



Say cheese!

To learn about Cheese Club’s range of sustainability initiatives, I met with Silvia Musini, Cheese Club’s marketing manager. For Silvia, Cheese Club’s dedication to sustainability is straightforward: it was embedded into the company’s business model right from the start. First, the company selects their suppliers carefully to ensure the quality of their products. By working with small family producers, Cheese Club respects traditions whilst carrying out its mission for sustainability. Moreover, the majority of fruits and vegetables are sourced from suppliers who have achieved Euro Organic and Biodynamic certifications. Cheese Club rethinks traditional methods of importing food from abroad and storing them for days, even weeks, in a warehouse. Through offering a bulk pre-order system, the company gives consumers access to over 100 high-quality food items that are purchased by consumers— at prices up to 50% cheaper than the average market price— and delivered directly to their doorsteps.

Going the extra mile

Since Cheese Club’s products are sourced from abroad, the company constantly seeks to improve its international logistics by optimising routes, favouring direct flights and minimising the number of shipments when possible. Also, packaging is key. “Nowadays, you can find so many alternative solutions without involving plastic,” Silvia says. “Cheese Club enhances its local operations by segregating material flows, enabling recycling of wood and polystyrene, and minimising packaging usage whenever feasibly”. The company also collaborates with FOOD CO and Food for Good, two local platforms that are dedicated to fighting poverty and reducing food waste in Hong Kong.


Taste of sustainability

As a pioneer in the field, Cheese Club is also proudly carbon neutral. Since the beginning of its partnership with Climate Partner, a solutions provider for climate action, Cheese Club has offset over 2 million kgs of CO2. The initiative, which was launched in 2021, was designed to hold Cheese Club accountable for the carbon emissions inevitably produced throughout its supply chain. After an audit conducted by Climate Partner, Cheese Club began to develop its carbon offset strategy, reconsidering all components of their operations. From the purchasing of products to its trip to the final destination, each step of the journey is taken closely into account. Cheese Club’s offsetting initiative is an environmentally and socially-driven project: through certified offset projects in the Asia-Pacific region, Cheese Club has engaged different stakeholders and stimulated local development. Not to mention, customers can indulge in all their favourite cheeses— while resting assured that Cheese Club is working hard to reduce and offset its cheese carbon footprint.


Conscious Cheese Connoisseurs

As Silvia tells me, consumers are aware of the company’s environmental efforts and value the company’s push towards sustainability. As a result, Cheese Club’s team continues to challenge itself to adopt more sustainable packaging, recycle more and reduce its carbon footprint. Highlighting Cheese Club’s plans for the future, Silvia shares that a key part of the company’s outreach will entail introducing and advertising these initiatives to the community more in the future. Cheese Club’s sustainability initiatives don’t stop there: “we are planning to introduce insulated bags that can be delivered directly to customers’ homes. Customers can enjoy the products inside before Cheese Club collects and re-uses the bags in future projects”.

The company’s goal is to implement this initiative without additional charge for its clients; though the initiative is still in the pipeline, the Cheese Club team is excited for this promising next step. For now, cheese-lovers can browse through Cheese Club’s website for cheeses, cheese-pairing and everything in between. It’s a win-win— for both the taste palate and the environment.