Heidi Spurrell | 7th July 2021 | 4min read
While many are becoming aware that our current rate of producing and consuming meat is unsustainable and needs to change, few are willing to suffer for the cause. Fortunately, products like TiNDLE are making it much easier and enjoyable to choose plant-based alternatives. We spoke to Marc and Wayne from Singapore-based food tech Next Gen, the team behind TiNDLE, about the brand’s mission to make eating plant-based food easy, enjoyable, and delicious.



“We have created a whole new food experience, one that allows chefs to express their creativity in ways that traditional meats don’t”. Having made its debut in Hong Kong and Macau on 24 June, TiNDLE is available at a diverse selection of 16 F&B brands across the Hong Kong, including 2 Michelin-starred Bo Innovation helmed by celebrity chef Alvin Leung; POEM by Le Comptoir, a Bali-inspired restaurant in the city that is Michelin-recommended; Second Draft as well as Alvy’s and establishments under the Young Master Brewery Group.

TiNDLE is not only incredibly tasty and nutritious, it’s also better for the planet: requiring 74% less land, 82% less water while also producing 88% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional chicken. Comprising only 9 ingredients, TiNDLE uses simple, non-GMO and non-novel ingredients, all made of plants and guaranteed no-nasties. TiNDLE Thy is antibiotic- and hormone-free, contains no cholesterol, yet contains 17g of protein per 100g.

“What makes us special is Lipi, made from plants, this helps recreate everything we love about chicken – the taste, the aroma, the texture, and of course the cookability and versatility of it.”, according to Marc Jolly, Growth Director for TiNDLE in Asia.


Photos: (left) TiNDLE Chicken and Porcini Risotto at Cococabana, (right) My ‘TiNDLE Chick’ Pizza at Alvy’s



TiNDLE comes frozen in 50g patties, known as TiNDLE Thy, and once thawed they can be moulded and shaped into any form to be cooked just like chicken. “Whether that is pan-fried or grilled, or breaded and deep-fried, the possibilities are endless. What makes us unique is we’re not pre-seasoned and not pre-formed. We want chefs who are ambassadors of TiNDLE to put their stamp of creativity on our product.” says Marc.
Photos: (left) Smoked TiNDLE with Sichuan Green Sauce at Bo Innovation, (right) TiNDLE Chicken Larb Tort at Coconuts


“From the very beginning we involved chefs in the design process to make sure we created a product that made sense for them,” he added.




While consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the merits of plant-based diets, many still hold reservations about what alternative protein products taste like. Wayne Tsang, Business Development Manager for TiNDLE shared, “TiNDLE delivers on the taste and texture consumers crave but also on the versatility chefs demand. Through allowing chefs to unleash their creativity, they’re trailblazers for showcasing incredible dishes and evolving the perception of eating plant-based.” Due to the versatility of TiNDLE, the product is well-suited for their Gastronomy-first approach – working with trend-setting restaurants and industry experts to launch its brand in the market, allowing the creativity of chefs to inspire customers while keeping quality standards high.
Photos: (left) TiNDLE Sando at DOUBLESHOT by Cupping Room, (right) TiNDLE Chicken Croquettes at Gaijin


Since TiNDLE’s world debut across 11 restaurants in Singapore on 11th March, it has expanded to more than 50 locations in the city-state.



“We represent the growing consciousness towards sustainable lifestyles, and the conviction and optimism about facing the future and being part of this vibrant moment,” said Wayne. From their Singapore launch, TiNDLE discovered that 9 out of 10 of their consumers were meat-eaters trying to reduce their meat consumption. With Hong Kong also being one of the more plant-based developed markets, the trend of restaurants taking up plant-based alternatives is unmistakably gaining momentum.

“TiNDLE isn’t just for vegans and vegetarians. We are here for people who enjoy eating meat. We’re not going to address the broken food system unless we get the meat eaters on board,” Wayne continued.

Following its initial launch with 19 restaurants across Hong Kong and Macau last week, TiNDLE will continue conducting a series of events by collaborating with more restaurants and brands to keep the momentum and excitement going.

“Food Made Good is the perfect platform to connect with food providers and partners seeking solutions like TiNDLE,” shared Marc. They are excited to meet and work with brands and restaurants, and be part of a community that is helping make Hong Kong’s food system more sustainable, one delicious bite at a time.

Reach out to Wayne Tsang and Marc Jolly, or visit for more information.


This interview was conducted on July 7th 2021 when we were known as Food Made Good HK, prior to our rebranding to Future Green.