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PTG Food offers holistic, end-to-end food manufacturing solutions from small local businesses to large global food groups and chains. Across diverse markets and categories PTG Foods innovate, produce, and distribute quality food products using exceptionally high quality ingredients that are natural and traceable. Their companies include Wild Nation, Green Mount Foods, Artisan Food Co, Vesta Baking Solutions, and the retail chain Croissanterie.

PTG Food is pioneering new ways of operating generationally and sourcing sustainably – a purpose-driven company that balances commercially profitable yet sustainable practices.


PTG Food is a subsidiary of Pacific Tiger Group, an investment platform headquartered in Hong Kong that invests on behalf of a single family. The group describes itself as a generational investor in that they don’t invest for short-term gains but on behalf of generations yet to come. According to Reza Cockrell, Managing Director of Pacific Tiger Group, “That long-term mindset behoves them to run their businesses as sustainably as possible.”

This includes everything from the carbon footprint of their factories to their social standing with employees and their families. This compels them to find like-minded partners. In their view, “plundering resources for short-term gain means there is nothing left to hand over to future generations.”




The family behind PTG did not arrive at a sustainable business model overnight. Rather, it was inspired by the Habitat Penang Hill, a nature park that they built in Malaysia which seeks to instil a sense of wonder in everyone who visits. This was a passion project with a social purpose that ultimately seemed too good to be solely a for-profit enterprise.

The family rethought their original business goals and created the Habitat Foundation, PTG’s largest philanthropic initiative, that funds numerous environmental conservation activities. “That experience taught the group to think longer term and generationally. They now see themselves as self-appointed stewards of a 150 million-year-old rain forest that would otherwise be under threat,” said Reza Cockrell.

Habitat Penang Hill




This notion of stewardship led them to rethink all their businesses in terms of what are they for and who they really serve. The family realised that their businesses are nothing without employees and that they are stewards of their staff’s wellbeing and prosperity.

Pacific Tiger Group now views itself as a company driven by a purpose and this ethos runs throughout the entire platform. Traditional businesses must make a profit within tight timeframes and these pressures are breaking the planet and our societies. This is particularly prevalent with food businesses where time and profit pressures often turn everything into a race to the bottom.

Working with partners that will inspire future generations and be effective agents for positive change




As a private company, PTG Food can take the time to make the right decisions including buying the right products from the right suppliers. It is driven by a desire to enrich lives and champion wellbeing by making good and balanced nutrition that is accessible to everyone.

For example, PTG Food recently built a new factory near Shanghai for their Vesta Baking Solutions company and insisted that it be LEED-certified, which added substantially to the construction and set-up costs. However, by the time the factory opened, the market had dramatically changed with evermore blue-chips companies now seeking food products from sustainable producers – which demonstrates that being purpose-driven can also lead to higher profits.

The Greenest Bakery In Shanghai




“Being a member means being integrated with like-minded companies so we can collectively pursue collaborations and initiatives that can drive positive change for all our customers and partners as well as gives us an ability and voice to help support and champion such an important movement in the global food industry.”

To learn more about PTG Food and how they are crafting a better future, head to their website here.

If you make sustainable products suitable for foodservice please get in touch about Food Made Good Membership and lets see what possibilities lie ahead in normalising sustainability!