Moët Hennessy Diageo Lunch & Learn – Sustainability Innovation Workshop

Intern @ Future Green | 8th September 2023 | 4min read



Heidi presenting to a group of enthusiastic listeners (both remote and in-person!)

The Future Green team was so excited to enter Moët Hennessy Diageo Hong Kong (MHD) office space last week in Quarry Bay to conduct our Lunch & Learn workshop. We designed and delivered an innovation workshop, that was hybrid for both MHD Hong Kong & Macau offices, to surface sustainability challenges both at the office and with accounts. It was insightful to host team functions, from sales and marketing to HR, as it brought together a diverse group of perspectives for the purpose of exchanging ideas and getting inspired.

As our 23 participants gathered into the meeting room with their plates full of delicious food, they looked eager and excited to learn for the hour. Indeed, there is no better way to attend a workshop than whilst eating food! 

Looking into sustainability

Off we start with Heidi giving a high level overview of food systems challenges.  We reminded participants of the link between the food system, alcohol production and climate change, which then in turn led to a discussion around  what a ‘green account’ looks like, and how we recognise one.

Heidi presenting to a group of enthusiastic listeners (both remote and in-person!)

We love sharing case studies of best practice.

Sustainability Innovation Workshop

Now comes the fun part – How to identify the wins and challenges in their company, and align on what to focus on. 

It was amazing to see everyone scribbling down on their post-it notes with such concentration! It became clear that regulating plastic waste and managing energy efficiency in the way of reusing cups and auto light-off systems were a great success. Over in the Macau office, management around paper waste (zero to little printing taking place) was a top win. 

In terms of challenges, for the Hong Kong Office,  the issue surrounding the lack of recycling schemes for glass bottles in the city and the need for gifting packaging was a big concern. This also resonated similarly with the Macau team.

Participants writing down their challenges on the post-it notes


Participants loved this part of the exercise – enthusiastic chattering and idea exchanging ensued. After all three teams voted  on the most pressing issues to work on, it was evident that  tackling gifting packaging was top of mind. Another big topic for the Macau office was the need to tackle and cut out single-use plastic.

This was a highly valuable L&L 

  • Insights into the top three (team aligned) issues each team faced regarding sustainability initiatives were surfaced
  • This information highlighted the areas that required attention or resolution based on the teams’ concerns or priorities.
  • Every participant had a sense of ownership of the challenges put forward.


This Lunch and Learn workshop really did fly by in a blink of an eye! With this approach, we made a point to highlight the benefits of innovation workshopping. In addition to the main objective of generating interest in sustainability among the staff, we emphasised the opportunity to test a new and efficient way to collaborate and align on issues. We love facilitating this type of workshop and can’t wait to be able to deliver more in the future!

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