Heidi Spurrell | 19th January 2023 | 4min read

And that’s a wrap for 2022! We delivered our last Bar World of Tomorrow workshop of the year at Farmhouse Productions. With the unwavering support of Chun Ling and her team, we were able, despite the cold winter wind, to successfully train bartenders from 3 different outlets in Hong Kong including Soho House, Glass Gardener, and The Wall Street Bar. It was an energetic and insightful session, and the smaller group also allowed for a more intimate and interactive atmosphere. With Christmas music and hot chocolate as a little extra, Heidi and Valentin reminded us of the importance of seasonality and local sourcing, responsible service and bar policies such as staff and sustainable bar setups.


During our now popular Lightning Jam Decision activity, we were reminded of the many challenges bartenders face from inflexible top management guidelines impeding more sustainable innovations, the need for staff training around sustainability as well as the cultural sensitivity to certain sustainability topics.  Identifying challenges is the first step towards resolving them and the Bar World of Tomorrow helps bartenders pinpoint and share their common issues.

After a tour of the farm, the bartenders put their skills to the test, and we were once again blown away by the creativity and the craft they put in their cocktails.


Nam Chan, from Soho House created an exquisite smoked Chivas Old-Fashioned with a twist. Using an empty oyster shell, he burnt a piece of wood and let the smoke impregnate the inside of the glass. You don’t get any more creative (and sustainable)!

We have now delivered workshops in all seasons, during the warm month of June, the sweltering hot end of October, fresh middle of November and, on a cold December day! For the occasion and a nice reminder to be guided by the seasons, here are some of our favourite and most creative cocktails from the past sessions. Cheers!

A Chivas highball with with local handpicked mountain marigold for the autumn, a refreshing Lillet Spritz infused with local handpicked roselle for spring, a spicy Lillet Spritz with with local handpicked birdseye chili and swiss mint for the hot summer months and, finally, a warm milk and chocolate Chivas cocktail with with locally foraged butterfly pea flower for winter.

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