Heidi Spurrell | 25th March 2020 | 4min read

One Planet Plate is your chance to showcase your most earth-friendly dish!

Food Made Good HK is launching the One Planet Plate campaign at the end of June and is calling on all restaurants in Hong Kong to share their most planet-friendly dish.   We want to encourage diners to consider the choices they are making when they are eating at home, and eating out. We will share your recipe for change on the global One Planet Plate platform, alongside recipes from other pioneers of sustainable dining, including Raymond Blanc and Peggy Chan.

We are compiling this planet-changing recipe platform NOW, so invite you to get involved as soon as possible.

Here’s how it works …

You submit a ‘cook at home’ recipe which considers the planet.  This could be celebrating local, reducing food waste, using more veg, promoting sustainable fish, better welfare meat, or demonstrating a low carbon footprint.  Or maybe even a combination of the above criteria! It can be an existing crowd-pleaser or an entirely new creation.

We will share on the platform which will be officially launched in Hong Kong in late June.

We would also encourage you to feature this dish on your own menu so that diners can experience the true flavours of culinary consciousness and be encouraged to try this at home too.

We want you to stand out from the crowd and look forward to sharing your One Planet Plate with millions of diners across the world, as well as promoting this as part of our social media campaign in Hong Kong.

Please submit your recipe now to and join us as we create a recipe for a better food future.