Heidi Spurrell | 19th April 2021 | 4min read


By Angelica Klein


This past Thursday morning we had our final workshop of the bespoke Landlord-Tenant Engagement Programme. This programme provides the landlord with solution-driven workshops as part of an overall programme to enable their tenants to explore and implement new sustainability initiatives. The purpose of this week’s workshop was to share the compiled results of the audit with the participating F&B tenants. We looked into the trends among the tenants and were able to provide solutions for targeted improvement areas. An overarching highlight from the audit is that all Henderson tenants that participated in the audit performed very well in the environmental section, while there was noticeable room for improvements around glass and plastic recycling.


The Food Made Good Team sharing the results with the workshop participants.


Once we shared the group results with the participants it was time to begin some collaboration work. The participants were asked to break up into groups and share insights on some initiatives that they will be implementing this year as a result of audit recommendations and the anticipated challenges. This part of the workshop was broken up into our 3 core pillars which align with our sustainability framework: Sourcing, Society and Environment.

The first break out session of the workshop, sharing successes and challenges with each other of implementing new initiatives. 


The main initiatives for the Sourcing discussion that the participants looked to implement included having transparency between them and their suppliers. Notably every participant believes that there is a disconnect between consumers and farmers/where their food is grown. As chefs, they believe they have a responsibility to source where possible, locally and increase education on this topic for their consumers.

As for Society, the initiative that was talked about the most was communicating more effectively to customers about the certain charities each business is currently supporting. The support does not have to be monetary donations, but can also be related to volunteering their time and skills. Many of the participating tenants found this idea exciting and are looking into how to incorporate it into their social responsibility plans.


One of the sharing sections of the workshop, discussing the new initiatives. 


Finally, regarding the initiatives around the final core pillar, Environment, we had a lively discussion on how each tenant could increase staff and customer awareness around waste and recycling. One top level action that a majority of the tenants could implement within their organization would be to create a set of documented, measurable reduction targets and written policies regarding these targets.

To wrap up the workshop we asked the tenants to write down three key follow up actions that they will work towards implementing in 2021. These goals spanned from their own personal goals or overall company actions. Some of these actions were: look into recycling options, increase community initiatives on a company level, improve sourcing and revamp menus to include more healthy options.

We also want to give a BIG thanks to WWF-Hong Kong for supporting us with their beautiful space, the Central Sustainable Living Hub.


The Food Made Good Team and Jakub Lewandowski and Sheldon Fonseca from The Mira Hong Kong and Gagan Gurung from Tell Camellia.