Heidi Spurrell | 16th January 2020 | 4min read

By pledging to a plant-based diet for the month of January, Veganuary is a chance for people, and businesses, to start the year with new resolve, new commitment to plant-based eating and a new undertaking to create a happier and healthier planet!

The numbers don’t lie!

  • Since Veganuary’s launch in 2014, more than 500,000 people around the world have joined the movement
  • Last year, more than 250,000 people from 159 countries took part by signing up and taking the pledge, an increase of 49% versus 2018
  • 500+ businesses around the world have taken part in Veganuary
  • More than 200 plant-based products and menus have been launched during Veganuary

With this level of commitment around the world, we are proud of the plant-based achievements of our 20 founding members, demonstrating their commitment to feature delicious, appealing plant-based options on the menu to drive awareness, education and reduced dependence on conventional meat heavy menus.

Here’s a snapshot of what these plant-lovers have all been up to …

  • Our president, Shane Osborn, is taking Veganuary by storm by introducing a five-course vegan feast at Michelin starred, Arcane, using seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Beef & Liberty is re-introducing an old favourite, the Quinoa Burger, throughout January.
  • Bedu will be celebrating its commitment to Food Made Good with a 7-course vegan supper on 15 January.
  • Classified has launched a veritable feast of plant-based options for the New Year including plant-based alternatives for pork, chicken and fish!
  • While Uma NotaJalan and Bedu are all going Green Monday and offering some exciting plant-based delights to start off the week.

What a great start to the new decade!