Heidi Spurrell | 17th September 2020 | 4min read

Last month saw the finalists for the Food Systems Vision Prize announced (of which Food Made Good HK is a proud semi-finalist). Experts from the world of food agree that a vital first step to food systems transformation is alignment around a vision which unites, whilst inspiring the question, “How can we get there, together?” But in this blog, Corinna Hawkes (Director of Centre for Food Policy) points out that whilst everyone can agree on the vision of a sustainable, inclusive, healthy food system, there tends to be very little agreement on how to actually get there. She believes that a more useful question to explore is, “What is the food system for?” Whilst an answer may seem obvious, if the purpose of the food system is to regenerate and nourish, this implies a very different food system to one which aims to provide calories and cash. A universal sense of purpose for the food system could inspire millions of communities, cities, and countries to build their own visions of what their food systems could look like, allowing us to celebrate the wealth of diversity in our food systems whilst following a shared, universal agenda.

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