Cheers To A Greener And More Responsible Bar Scene In Asia Pacific, Wrapping Up Our Bar World Of Tomorrow Train The Trainer Programme.

Admin | 23rd June 2023 | 4min read

Our lovely trainees with the Pernod Ricard S&R Team

And that’s a wrap! We have just completed our year long Train the Trainer programme for Pernod Ricard Asia. Alongside delivering the Bar World of Tomorrow to Hong Kong local bartenders last year, we continued our challenge to train and upskill Pernod Ricard’s employees, brand ambassadors and partners across 12 countries to deliver and facilitate the training themselves for a second year.

A brand new cohort of Pernod Ricard employees including brand ambassadors and marketing professionals are now fully equipped with bar sustainability knowledge and facilitation skills to impart knowledge to bartenders across their respective markets. This incredible milestone marks the achievement of Pernod Ricard’s mission to promote sustainability within the bar industry by empowering employees and partners to educate bartenders on sustainable practices. We are well on our way to supporting the company’s global goal of 10,000 bartenders trained by 2030.

Throughout this comprehensive programme, we conducted training that included sourcing ingredients responsibly through case studies of Pernod Ricard’s brands such as Chivas and Perrier-Jouët, responsible service in bars, environmental tips to make better use of natural resources and promoting healthy lifestyles and well-being across the bartending community!

Bar World of Tomorrow delivered in Hong Kong by Future Green in October 2022

Learning is good, but doing is better…

Critical to making change happen is supporting trainees to help businesses take action and design some kind of prioritised list of actions. Through our Facilitation Fundamentals section, we highlighted skills such as being able to read the room, being the ‘guide not the hero’, ensuring bartenders are involved in accountability, using gamification, and much more. Our team was dedicated to ensuring the participants felt confident in their ability to deliver captivating and effective training and workshopping. It takes time and experience to become a seasoned facilitator but we are confident that this cohort of trainees will shine in their own markets!


Our lovely trainees with the Pernod Ricard S&R Team

To further support their journey, we held monthly drop-in sessions giving all the trainees a platform and a chance to share their experiences, wins and challenges and inspire others (including us!).

Doing what we do best in action: Scoping Workshops

Scoping it Out

Finally, we were excited to finish off with a scoping workshop to draw out improvement processes and new initiatives for the coming year. To help trainees come up with ideas on how to keep the momentum going, we conducted an online scoping workshop with the goal of designing a standardised follow-up process. Through a highly structured and fast-paced workshop, trainees identified wins, key challenges, researched and brainstormed potential solutions and committed to an action plan for Now, Next, Later. The workshop was successful, resulting in actionable initiatives that each participant could take to their budget holders and implement in their markets in a standardised way.

The outcome of this intensive programme has been truly satisfying. We have successfully upskilled 17 Pernod Ricard employees and partners who are now equipped to deliver a CPD-certified course in 12 markets in the Asia-Pacific region. It was also a fantastic opportunity for us, at Future Green, as we evolve our services to take our training and facilitation work beyond Hong Kong! We are confident in delivering training online for different markets! This mission aligned project not only amplifies the reach of our core message on scaling food sustainability but also contributes to creating a more environmentally-conscious bar industry across the Asia Pacific region.

Want to know more? Read more on how we delivered the training in Hong Kong here.  

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