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In the past decade, Hong Kong has seen a growing trend in public demand for organic and locally sourced vegetables. The local wholesale vegetable industry is supported by the Vegetable Marketing Organization (VMO), a non-profit, semi-government organisation, established in 1946. I met with Kenneth Law, Marketing Manager at the VMO, our Member for the past two years, to learn more about their story, vision, and sustainability initiatives.


Release of the Blueprint for the Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Fisheries

VMO’s three golden aims!


Kenneth tells me about the three golden aims of VMO. Foremost is their desire to provide local farmers a platform to market their produce, and ensure that Hong Kongers have a stable vegetable supply, while continually facilitating the sustainable development of Hong Kong’s agricultural industry. For VMO, sustainability means promoting local produce to different sectors, adapting their service mode to match the market needs, upgrading agri-products, and branding Hong Kong’s grown products with the industry’s different shareholders. 


Kenneth speaking at one of our Meetups around Plant-Forward Diets

From its inception after the war-effort era to during the pandemic till now, VMO has consistently done its utmost to achieve its missions and vision, by managing and ensuring an efficient marketing system and safe supply of the wholesale vegetable market for public consumption. But they do not stop here. 

With sustainable procurement as the basis of their operations, Kenneth emphasises that VMO sources the freshest vegetables from conventional but also organic, and hydroponic farms as well as encouraging clients to adopt the habit of buying locally. 

Growing public interest!

Since joining VMO 20 years ago, Kenneth notes that in the past decade, the public is now leaning towards organic and locally grown vegetables. Despite a dip since COVID-19 and rising global inflation, he is confident that a resurgence in public interest for organic vegetables is inevitable with the world embracing sustainability more than ever. 


AFCD Staff Club Food Tasting and Pre-Order Sale before Chinese New Year

VMO participates in different exhibitions and hosts their signatory annual event, the FarmFest, in collaboration with the Fish Marketing Organization to increase local awareness. The latter helps them engage thousands of Hong Kongers while providing an incredible opportunity for local farmers and vegetable enthusiasts right before the festive season. Collaborating with corporate clients and hosting small food-tasting and pre-order service exhibitions, VMO creates market demand and further complies with the UN SDGs and ESG concepts.

FarmFest 2024 opens at Fa Hui Park in Mong Kok

Diversifying market reach!

At the market level, Kenneth mentions diversifying and expanding the product range reminds Hong Kongers of premium local products helping local farmers improve their revenue. These items include local pork and eggs, and cooked items with local ingredients, like egg rolls and even turnip cakes for the Chinese New Year! As local farmers face strict competition with the Mainland’s cheaper vegetables and high-end imports, he reiterates public support is crucial.


FoodSmart Conference and Expo for the Food and Beverage Trade 2023 – Towards Carbon Neutrality Cum EcoPark Exhibition


Collaboration is key!

In the long run, Kenneth pushes for collaboration, promising that VMO will continuously serve as a hub between producers, consumers, and different stakeholders. Holding community effort in high regard, he says, “VMO could never have done this alone”, and referred to the two-year-long association with Future Green. 

The Future Green on a field trip to VMO


In Kenneth’s words, “By joining Future Green, we believe we can approach the right audiences who believe sustainability is the right direction to move on. There are so many stories to share and we can do this together to make some positive impact to change the world in the near future.”

Contact Kenneth to up your supply of Hong Kong and regionally grown veggies.


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