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Helping the city’s F&B industry become more sustainable, making it easy for diners to choose more planet-friendly menu options.

6 Participating Restaurants and Bars
Over 350 Dishes Carbon-labelled
Over 55 Media Clippings including Tatler Dining, Hashtag Legend, Tasting Kitchen & Hong Kong Economic Times

An industry-leading Menu Carbon Labelling Pilot Initiative with Henderson Land Group

In February and March 2023, we initiated a Carbon Labelling Programme with the support of Henderson Land Group. Six of its tenant restaurants in the HK F&B industry – Tell Camellia, Chinesology, Gassan, JAJA, Wulao (HK) and TREEHOUSE – all had their menus carbon labelled for diners to learn about the carbon footprint impact that each dish has, from low to high.

By collecting data across the 6 restaurants, we were able to see whether diner behaviour shifted to lower carbon footprint dish sales, during the test month and subsequent month when the menu was carbon labelled. A range of food impact factors including land use, transport and packaging were looked at in the assessment with a low-impact meal defined as emitting 0.5 kg CO2e or less, based on World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) One Planet Plate initiative for how to eat, to reach the UN’s climate goals.

Aimed at fostering a more sustainable food culture, media were invited to taste and experience these menus, in order to understand the campaign’s concept, its data collection methodologies, and help build awareness through their media platforms and publications.

Heidi Yu Spurrell said, “Global food systems currently account for around a third of greenhouse gas emissions. With the world’s population rapidly growing, demand for food is expected to double by 2050 leading to more intensive food production – and dramatically higher emission levels unless we radically change how we produce, consume and dispose of food.”

The programme’s restaurants are a showcase of a diverse range of cuisines and culinary styles from Chinese and Japanese to Western experiences. Recognised for their outstanding food, service and overall culinary experience, chefs and managers from these establishments agree that the programme not only raises the awareness of F&B’s carbon footprint, it also allows supply chains to be evaluated to ensure sustainable dining experiences are offered, from ingredient sourcing to local supplier relationships.

  • A new concept introduced to HK F&B industry and diners
  • A fantastic way to educate and engage tenants in a unique way
  • An understanding of carbon footprint and how it can be reduced to encourage more eco-conscious dining
  • The importance of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients was conveyed
  • The significance of better quality meat and sustainable seafood was highlighted as a sustainable sourcing solution
  • A variety of restaurant types/cuisines participated in the programme including unexpected restaurants like hotpot, Chinese and Japanese dining
  • Generated brand awareness for Henderson Land Group, Future Green and all the tenant restaurants
  • Media found this to be a new concept to talk about and spread awareness
  • Exceeded the PR coverage media target
  • Keen interest for more carbon labelling and sustainability projects going forward as a way to engage customers

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Restaurateurs who are interested in the programme and its communications campaign, and/or wish to carbon label their menus should contact valentin@futuregreen.global.