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Link REIT, one of Hong Kong’s largest property groups, was looking to design a pop-up exhibition ESG gallery with a focus on food sustainability above Lok Fu MTR station. Link REIT reached out to Future Green for assistance, we carried out research for creating and designing interactive games, and wall exhibitions for visitors to understand the food’s impact on human health and planetary health.

20000 expected visitors over 9 months
25 food ingredients impact measured
2 interactive digital games

Link REIT aimed to educate the Hong Kong public about sustainability in a family-friendly and enjoyable manner.

  • Qualitative and Quantitative research on sustainable diets for pop-up galleries targeted at families.
  • A data-driven examination of food carbon footprint through an LCA including greenhouse gas emissions, water stress, farm emissions, and more.
  • Proofreading services on Chinese copy.

A unique Sustainability Lab promoting awareness of food sustainability in Hong Kong.

  • Link REIT launches the first Food Sustainability focussed ESG gallery.
  • Positioning Link REIT as a credible thought leader, a landlord developer working with stakeholders at every level to promote sustainability.
  • The project unites various departments to collaborate on sustainability and corporate communication initiatives.
  • Clarity of what constitutes a sustainable food system in a bilingual format – a first for Hong Kong.

The negative impact of our food consumption on the environment should not be ignored. The livestock industry is responsible for a significant percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions, with beef being the most substantial contributor. Dairy and cheese come in next, followed by chocolates, farmed shrimps, coffee, palm oil, and rice. The production, transportation, and processing of these food items contribute significantly to climate change and other environmental issues. Because of this, it’s essential to be mindful of the impact of our food choices and make conscious decisions.

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