Ruth Folarin | 23rd May 2024 | 4min read

Planet For All has established a commendable presence in advocating for farm animal welfare in Hong Kong, focusing particularly on chickens and fish—animals often overlooked despite their significant suffering. Founded during the challenging times of the pandemic, the organisation has been a voice for these animals, driven by a team deeply rooted in animal rights.

Corporate Partnership and Campaign Manager, Wendy Chan 

One of the driving forces behind Planet For All is the deep commitment of its members to animal welfare. Their work is not just about advocacy from afar; it’s about engaging directly and compassionately with the issues. This hands-on approach is evident in every interaction and campaign they undertake, reflecting their dedication to making a meaningful impact on the lives of farm animals.

Planet For All focuses on reducing the suffering of farm animals, especially chickens and fish. These animals often find themselves at the bottom of the welfare pyramid, enduring significant hardship. The organization works tirelessly to promote more compassionate treatment through public education, corporate partnerships, and government lobbying. Their goal is simple but profound: to re-establish harmony between mankind, planet and animals via advocating a plant-based lifestyle and animal welfare through corporate partnerships, public engagement, and policy reform.

Improved nutrition with healthier chicken breeds: more protein, less fat.


Understanding the complexities of supply chains and the importance of ethical sourcing, Planet For All actively seeks partnerships with corporates and educational institutions. By working with suppliers in China—the main provider of eggs to Hong Kong—they strive to ensure that even basic food items like eggs are sourced responsibly. Their cage-free initiatives are a testament to their commitment to ethical practices.

Advocating for animal welfare in Hong Kong is no easy feat. The city’s fast-paced, efficiency-driven culture often leaves little room for ethical considerations. But Planet For All is undeterred. They navigate the logistical and regulatory challenges with determination, aiming to instill a sense of responsibility towards animal welfare in the community.

In 2024, Planet For All is set to launch an ambitious campaign titled ‘Cage-Free Hong Kong.’ This year-long initiative aims to end the cruel use of battery cages, transform a more ethical supply chain among businesses, and foster high animal welfare standards in Hong Kong, starting with cage-free laying hens. Through petitions and strategic advocacy, they hope to gather public and corporate support, establishing a precedent that could inspire similar movements across Asia.

Wendy Chan at our February Members Monthly Meetup discussing cage-free commitments.

Planet For All’s journey is not just about facts and figures; it’s about impactful advocacy and strategic initiatives that lead to real transformation. Their efforts are making tangible changes in the welfare of farm animals and setting a benchmark for similar campaigns in the region. This transformation means creating a more compassionate world where animals are treated with the respect they deserve. It answers the question of why this matters: it shows that through dedicated advocacy, we can significantly improve the lives of animals, influence public and corporate practices, and inspire broader societal change.

At Future Green Global, we believe in the power of transformation and sustainability, and Planet For All exemplifies this vision.

For more information about Planet For All and to support their transformative initiatives, visit their website.

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